Pixie Wash XB

ShowPRO Prolights Pixie Wash XB reinvents the concept of the moving LED wash light; bringing together the classic styling of a traditional wash luminaire and applying the very latest innovations in the field of LED technology.


The large frontal plano-convex lens delivers a stunning level of brightness and an exceptional zoom range with a 1:8 ratio, combined with a proprietary 280W RGB and warm white LED module delivering a high-quality white reproduction with high CRI and TLCI parameters as well an extremely precise colour tuning. Pixie Wash XB is an ideal solution for any application where users want a superior light quality but without the view of multi-cell fixtures. Being compact, fast and silent, the Pixie Wash XB offers unprecedented flexibility and is ideal for use in theatres, TV, corporate and festivals.


  • 280W proprietary RGB and warm white LED delivering high CRI, TLCI, TM30 values
  • 6 to 45 linear zoom with superior evenness
  • Art-net and WDMX on-board

MUSMOV210 PIXIE WASH XB datasheet.pdf    596.1 KB
PIXIEWASHXB manual.pdf    7.11 MB