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SMARTMODULA is a cable-free battery fixture which establishes a new form of decorative lighting for events, banquets and gardens.


Its modular and customisable assembly allows for the light to stand from the floor or hang as a PINSPOT four-bar and to be packed in a comfortable carry-on size. The light emitters are adjustable and can slide on the track allowing for perfect focusing as well as fully interchangeable allowing for spot/wash or mixed configurations. All available in full colour or white colour mixing.


  • MODULA design allows floor standing with flexible swivel joints, tilt-able stand or hanging with quick-lock omega brackets
  • Accessory fixtures available in RGBW/FC and white colour mixing as well as with spot or wash optics
  • Each emitter is pixel mapped and can slide and be focused individually (not included)
  • The base houses room for an extra battery (optional) and the stand can be height adjusted

SMARTMODULA (Core components to be completed with accessories) includes:

  • Metal baseplate
  • Baseplate with supporting bar
  • Extension bar with the adjustable height
  • Heading bar with light track and electronics (containing 1 battery)

OPTIONAL accessories to complete the core element:

  • MUSMOD110: SmartModula Spot FC 10W

  • MUSMOD111: SmartModula 56 3W


  • MUSMOD115: SmartModula Wash DY 12x3W

  • MUSMOD116: SmartModula Wash FC 12x3W



  • Source: W light source is supplied as accessory as spot, wash, full colour or white
  • CT: Optional – FC or WH SPOT 5600 K or WH WASK 6400K
  • Source life expectancy: >30.000 h
  • Other: Light source is supplied as accessory as SPOT or WASH, FC or White


  • Beam angle: SPOT (Opt) 15°; WASH (Opt) 60°


  • Colour mixing: interchangeable light source: spot or wash with full colour or white LED source


  • Static colour mode: selection of static colour
  • Manual colour mode: manual adjustment of colour
  • Auto mode: built-in programs with execution speed adjustment


  • Hardware on-board: See the Introduction description
  • Pan angle: 360° metal joint for 360° rotation of header bar
  • Tilt angle: 120° manual
  • Body: Sturdy stretching aluminium body conceived for long-time durability
  • Body colour: Matte black


  • Protocols: W-DMX
  • Pixel control: pixel2pixel control
  • W-DMX: included, wireless solution receiver
  • Display: black OLED high resolution display
  • IR: infrared sensor controlled by remote


  • Dimmer: linear 0~100% electronic dimmer
  • strobe / shutter: 1~25 Hz, electronic
  • Operating temperature: -10° ~ +40°
  • Flicker: flicker free operation


  • Power supply: 100-240V – 50/60Hz


  • Battery: (Head) 1×14.8 V – (Base – optional) 1×14.8V lithium
  • Estimated battery life in colour change mode up to: refer to the user manuals
  • Estimated battery life in single colour mode up to: refer to the user manuals
  • Estimated battery life in full-mode up to: refer to the user manuals
  • Re-charge connection: power cable
  • Re-charge time: Head battery 5.5 h/max – base battery 11h/max
  • Battery status: LED battery status indicator
  • Other: Check user manual for further information about battery autonomy for all possible compositions


  • Cooling: natural cooling of the peculiar chassis and to absence of fans
  • Suspension and fixing: hanging bracket suitable for safe hanging and positioning
  • Power connection: Neutrik powerCON IN connector
  • IP rating: 20
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 466x(1694~2149)x1010mm
  • Weight: w/o baseplate 23.5 kg, with baseplate 38.5kg
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