Spheriscan is a revolutionary scanner with a modern twist. The Spheriscan’s pan rotation does not have an end-stop: its mirror goes on turning endlessly beyond 360 degrees, which creates an absolutely original swirling effect.




Its speed may be adjusted as desired and reach a maximum of 250 rpm, that is more than four revolutions per second! Spheriscan is without a doubt much more powerful and brighter than any of the other scanners that came before it. Its spanking new OSRAM lamp works at  1200 W.

Spheriscan features a 13°-34° high speed zoom, 1 rotating gobo wheel with 6 gobos, 1 fixed gobo wheel with 8 gobos, a rotating prism, a fast sixteen-blade iris, a linear frost filter, CMY system, a 7-color wheel.

A RGB system, built into the top head, turns it into a glowing transparent dome. Three dedicated DMX channels allow for unlimited colors.

Spheriscan is built to be used outdoors (IP54). Using a special optional support system, Spheriscan may be recessed into the stage floor, with only its transparent head visible, to create original gazing projections.

Lastly, you can also use the Spheriscan to project light directly, without the mirror (SPHERILIGHT configuration).

Spheriscan is therefore a tribute to the past with an endless variety of state-of-the-art technical features. It is a powerful effects light capable of adding a new distinctive touch to shows and an appliance you can use on many occasions, including big events, indoor and outdoor concerts and architectural installations.

  • 1400W OSRAM lamp (6000 K) working at 1200W
  • 80mm front lens diameter
  • 13°-34° Zoom
  • Mirror turning very fast over 360° and without stop (250rpm)
  • CMY System +7-color wheel
  • 3 RGB leds under the dome
  • 6 rotating gobos + 8 fixed gobos
  • 8-facet rotating prism
  • 16 blades fast iris
  • Variable frost
  • Fast stop/strobe effect
  • Art-Net / RDM
  • High performance electronics and firmware
  • IP54 Protection rating (the first moving mirror light for Outdoor use)
  • Conversion into Spherilight configuration (without mirror) to project light directly
  • It may be recessed to create original grazing projections

AC power input Neutrik PowerCON TRUE1 (IP65)
200/240V 50/60 Hz


1600 VA


OSRAM Lok-it 1400-PS Lamp, working at 1200W
– Color Temperature: 6,000 K
– Life: 750 hrs
– Luminoux flux: 120,000 lm
– Base PGJ28 Lok-it!


80mm front lens diameter
13°-34° Zoom range
Electronic Focusing


CMY System
Color Wheel with 7 color filters
Three R+G+B LEDs incorporated into the glowing transparent dome


Wheel with 6 interchangeable and indexable rotating gobos (26mm diam. image)
Wheel with 8 static gobos (25mm diam. image)
8-facet Rotating prism
16 blades fast Iris
Variable “heavy” frost filter
Very precise 0-100% dimmer
Fast stop/strobe effect


31 or 35 DMX 512 control channels
DMX protocol signal: USITT DMX 512
Display: LCD 128 x 64 bit, backlit LED, white on black
Pan and Tilt Resolution: 16 bit
Focus Indexing Resolution: 16 bit
Dimmer Resolution: 16 bit
Rotation gobo Resolution: 16 bit
Movement control: vectorial
DMX signal connection: 5 pole XLR input and output
Software upload through DMX input / Ethernet input


Aluminium and steel structure with plastic cover
Circular handle and moving bracket for transportation
IP54 protection rating
It is possible to convert the fixture into SPHERILIGHT (C11270) to project light directly. In this configuration, the fixture may be protected to IP54 by fitting an optional transparent cover over the front lens (C21092)


Angle Rotation: 360° continuous rotation
Fast speed: 717 ms
Normal Speed: 5442 ms
Resolution PAN: 1.4118°
Resolution PAN FINE: 0.0055°

Angle Rotation: 60°
Fast speed: 239 ms
Normal Speed: 1174 ms
Resolution TILT: 0.2353°
Resolution TILT FINE: 0.0009°


±45° swivel bracket movement
Circular handle and moving brackets for transportation
Optional handles allow the fixture to be ground recessed for grazing projections


Long life self-charging buffer battery.
Function reset from control unit
ON/OFF lamp control from the lighting desk.
Function reset from the lighting desk.
“AUTOTEST” function from menu.
Electronic monitoring with status error.
Cooling system monitoring.
DMX level monitoring on all channels.
Internal data transmission diagnostics.
Firmware Upgrade with no power.
Firmware upload from another fixture.


Automatic break in power supply in case of overheating
Forced ventilation with fans


Vertical or horizontal ±45° Working Position to ensure IP54
Hanging system: with fast-lock omega clamps (1/4 turn) on bracket


In conformity with the European Directives:
• 2014/35/EU – Safety of electrical equipment supplied at low voltage (LVD)
• 2014/30/EU – Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
• 2011/65/EU – Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS)
• 2009/125/EC – EcoDesign requirements for Energy-related Products (ErP)


31.5 Kg (69.4 lbs)
35 Kg (77 lbs) with brackets

Spheriscan-Spherilight_Manual_04.2017_EN.pdf    11.95 MB