Back in 2005 CPC Production Services purchased one of the first MA Lighting International grandMA1 full-size consoles in Queensland. That same console is still in use today, and based on the performance of that console it was an easy decision for them to add a grandMA2 light to their inventory.

The first production using the new console was the Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s Gala Concert. CPC have provided lighting, audio and AV production for this event for the last 20 years. The Gala Concert is a variety concert featuring the students of the school. The program includes an 80 piece Symphony Orchestra, 22 piece Stage Band, 300 voice choir, 18 piece Chamber Orchestra, 36 voice Chamber Choir and various soloists.

This year lighting designer Wes Bluff, had the privilege of using the new console. In addition to the console, the rig consisted of 48 x Martin MAC moving fixtures and 48 x LED fixtures. The flexibility of the MA2 assisted Wes in delivering a fantastic result based on one rehearsal during the day of the concert. He was able to program the show on his computer and then transfer the files to the console for rehearsals. As CPC provide live to screen camera facilities it is essential that Wes’s lighting allows for an excellent television result. It did and the MA2 assisted in achieving that result on one rehearsal.

The MA2 will also allow for reliable control of media servers for the theatrical productions that CPC have during the rest of this year and into 2018. CPC has also installed an MA2 command wing at the Catalyst Church in Brassall. This system provides a very easy to use control system in the Church where many operators are volunteers. Catalyst Church also have a number of Martin MAC fixtures in the rig that the command wing controls.


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