MARTIN Learning Sessions

New live workshop series with industry & Harman experts

HARMAN is thrilled to invite leading Front of House Engineers, Lighting Designers, Technicians and other knowledge experts in the industry to share workshops of their secret methods, tips and tricks.



AV Stumpfl PIXERA Training

Take advantage of the experience of AV Stumpfl trainers and let them show you what Pixera has to offer.

Learn the necessary skills for your future projects and ideas. Find out how simple it is to realise your and your clients’ project goals in the field of professional media integration.



MA Online Training

“He who stops being better stops being good.” – Oliver Cromwell

As our industry is constantly progressing, MA Lighting believes that solid knowledge and constant learning are not only needed – they are essential.

While shows are getting more and more complex these days, there is a constant need to always stay up to date. Software and features evolve. There is always something to learn and areas to improve.

The MA University

The MA University aims to enable lifelong learning opportunities, constant improvement and creates a platform for staying up to date by providing comprehensive training programs and delivering global MA knowledge to the highest quality standards.

This is particularly important when it comes to MA console training, however it is equally relevant when setting up a network utilizing MA hardware solutions.

The training program of the MA University is certified worldwide by MA Lighting and aims to guarantee consistency of knowledge independent of the training concept and location.

The training programme consists of modular units; the knowledge gained on graduation from the grandMA2 User Training is the premise for all further training. To suit your specific needs the MA training programme has a special focus on Concert Touring/Live Events and Theatre/Musicals/TV/Film.


grandMA Online User Training

E-learning: Interactive learning at your fingertips

MA Lighting’s own E-learning platform is a powerful tool for you when entering the world of MA training. The choice is yours: Start at your individual knowledge level in the modular and constantly growing system – anytime and from anywhere!

The platform offers an interactive, guided and user-centred online learning environment for MA products. Utilizing a unique combination of tutorial videos, multiple-choice and quiz questions, the system lets you delve deeper into the world of MA products. Furthermore, you can always recap on training if you would like to refresh your existing knowledge.

E-learning: Your benefits

  • You are being updated on the newest software
  • You can recap on previous content or topics and re-do courses
  • You can select the courses and contents themselves, and learn at your own speed
  • Your individual training is at your fingertips anytime, anywhere

All training is certified worldwide by MA Lighting offering you a constant knowledge level, independent of your location.

Your E-learning Login

To get your E-learning login please enrol using the form below and your local certified MA Trainer from our technical training team will be in touch with you as soon as possible giving you access to the online training portal. Please note, inactive/dormant MA training logins will automatically expire.

grandMA2 User Training

This course aims to make operators familiar with the basic functions of the grandMA2 lighting control panel, the panel interface and the main features of the software and operating philosophy.

Self-paced online training.

grandMA3 Basic Training

The aim of this course is to familiarize the operator with the functions of the grandMA3 software and lighting consoles in comparison to the grandMA2 and the operating philosophy.

Self-paced online training.

MA dot2

Self-paced online learning.

There are no requirements for this course, however we recommend completing the training in sequence.

These tutorials aim to make operators familiar with the functions of the dot2 lighting control console, the interface and the main features of the software and operating philosophy.


Enrol in grandMA Online Training

Please submit your enrolment application by completing and submitting the form below. Our technical training team will be in touch with you as soon as possible giving you access to the online training portal.

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