Jason Goodwin, Operations Manager for Blue Shadow Group, is thrilled with his twenty LED PAR Quad-12 and a Wireless DMX System that made their debut at a corporate event held in Jupiter’s Casino.

“I used the same lights at my past role at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre and so I knew how they performed,” he commented. “The light fixtures themselves are a solid unit, have easy to navigate display screens and features and my technicians, after using them on their first show, agreed that they are great value for money and are a terrific light to use.

“The Wireless DMX System is the same. Out of the box it was easy to set up and use making what was a time consuming cable run a thing of the past. The wireless signal stayed solid through the whole event and did not give us any problems making the job a lot easier as a whole. We will be looking to purchase more fixtures and DMX receivers in the near future and recommend them to anyone looking for a punchy, easy to use multi PAR.”