Paul Nardella of OTL Pty Ltd now owns twenty ShowPro LED GoldenEYE 77 which are equally at home as a powerful blinder or dynamic visual display system. Combining 49 x 3W warm white, individually controllable Cree LEDs with a super tight 6 degree optical system, the panels can simply and quickly join together to give you a wall of light that comes with all of the features you’ve come to expect from ShowPro.

“We like the whole blinder tungsten look but transporting that kind of gear in the back of a van can cause problems,” commented Paul.
“The LED equivalent is much sturdier and I love their really tight beam divergence.”

At Melbourne’s Sanctuary Saturday Paul uses the GoldenEYEs toMacros to spell out the names of international DJ’s, an effect he says looks very cool.

“It’s really good to see that tight beam divergence of the name and then through the haze you can still make it out.”