Merrigong Theatre Company manages one of Australia’s busiest, most dynamic regional venues – Illawarra Performing Arts Centre in Wollongong, about an hour south of Sydney. They also manage the city’s key civic and community venue, the Wollongong Town Hall.
Merrigong is also a vibrant theatre company in its own right – producing, presenting and touring exciting contemporary theatre and supporting the development of a wide range of theatre-makers and local independent artists.
The Company decided it was time to upgrade the lighting they could offer to one night hirers of their venues, and so they began to look for the ideal moving head. Having not owned any intelligent fixtures before, they were delighted to discover a three-in-one fixture to cover all bases!
“We purchased ten Martin Professional RUSH MH7 Hybrid all-in-one beam, spot and wash moving head fixtures,” commented Jasmine Rizk, Head of Lighting. “We’ve found them to be extremely bright and powerful, plus the gobo wheels are nice. It also has the eight-facet prism which is great. Also, they really decrease our labour time for setting up.”
The venue’s RUSH MH7 Hybrid have to service a wide variety of events which they can do due to their maximum flexibility, all within an affordable price bracket.
“People want to use them all the time now!” added Jasmine.
The RUSH MH 7 Hybrid’s features include sharp, crisp optics with a powerful zoom that ranges from a smooth 45° wash to a punchy 2.2° beam. The Philips Platinum 11R 250W 7800 K lamp contributes to the RUSH MH 7 Hybrid’s impressive output. The fixture features 8 rotating/indexing and 12 static gobos, 10 selectable colours, and exciting beam effects from its 8-facet circular and 4-facet linear prisms.
The RUSH MH7 Hybrids were supplied by CMG AV.
Pictured is the production The Outside Man.

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