Lighting designer Cam McKaige created a stunning and innovative design featuring twelve Claypaky B-EYEs.
“I love the Claypaky B-EYEs so it’s all about them, especially the internal macros you can get out of them,” said Cam. “I’ve tried to create something that you can’t hire which hopefully gives the audience a fresh look – I don’t know of anyone else touring custom LED tubes and B-EYEs as their only back light!”
As Cam already had the concept of creating an abstract set with all the LED tubes at an angle and not necessarily spaced perfectly, he wanted to incorporate some symmetry to the asymmetry of his design. Consequently, the twelve B-EYEs are evenly spaced within the asymmetrical LED tubes.
“To get the most out of B-EYEs you really need them pointing straight out into the audience,” explained Cam. “It’s that dramatic look of staring straight down the unit that gives the effect the B-EYE does so well. A lot of their programming is highlighting solos sweeping towards that person.”
For control Cam toured an MA Lighting International MA 2 light plus a command wing.

Photographer credit: Troy Constable

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