After using generic moving light fixtures for a couple of years, Tom Bayford of Event Technologies realised that they weren’t delivering for him and so he invested in Martin MAC Quantum Profiles.

“Martin lights are very much the workhorse fixture in Australia so I looked at their range and the MAC Quantum Profile really ticked all the boxes for me,” commented Tom. “The Quantum Profile is lightweight enough that I can go out on a job and rig them by myself, plus their cases are relatively small and easy to transport. In addition to this, their low power consumption means I am able to deploy them in a multitude of venues including those that might not necessarily have a three phase power supply.”

Whilst the MAC Quantum Profile looked perfect on paper, Tom decided to visit the Show Technology Melbourne office to see them in action before signing any cheques! He had been particularly concerned about the fixtures’ dimming curve, expecting it to drop away at low intensities, but was relieved to find all his worries were for nothing.

“I was very impressed with the MAC Quantum Profile. You would have to study them hard to pick them as an LED fixture,” said Tom.

Based south of Adelaide on the Fleurieu Peninsula, Event Technologies has suddenly become very popular with other audio visual production companies looking to cross hire their MAC Quantum Profiles and of course, they are also busy on productions for Event Technologies.

“Feedback from clients has so far been overwhelmingly positive whenever the Quantum Profile is out on jobs,” said Tom.

Tom reports that the first thing he noticed about his MAC Quantum Profiles was the agility of them; the high speed and accuracy of the pan, tilt, colour and gobo wheels as well as the CMY colour mixing system was very impressive.

“The colour wheel filters are so close together you can get a perfect division of colours with no dead spot in the middle where the frame would have been in older fixtures,” added Tom. “The optical system is fantastic, producing crisp gobo projection at a wide variety of focal lengths and it includes a very useful range of zoom”.

“The MAC Quantum Profile is just so versatile. I can have them on the biggest of stages and they’ll still pack a punch or I can use them unobtrusively in a small blackbox space on low fan mode. The ability to program and address the fixture without power to them is very handy and means that you can even set everything in the back of a truck if required.”

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