Paul McCartney’s long-running One on One World Tour has landed in Australia and Claypaky fixtures help showcase the evolution of his music from the 1960s to today.
Lighting Designer LeRoy Bennett is tasked with highlighting “a vast array of musical styles over the decades” during the course of the three-hour show. High-tech AV solutions, including layers of transparent video, LEDs and lasers, form a backdrop for the history of the former Beatle’s music but remain unobtrusive to fans. “While we use many aspects of technology you never see them all at once, and they are never overpowering,” notes Lighting Director Wally Lees.
The show features 12 Claypaky Scenius Profiles, 12 Scenius Unicos and 96 Sharpys.
Bennett has positioned the Scenius Unicos primarily on the upstage floor behind the band as big fill lights. “We had been using a different light and wanted to change things out a bit,” he says. “I’m really impressed by what Scenius Unico can do. They have a lot of functionality and versatility – they’re a great lamp.”
Bennett says Scenius Profiles are mounted in “key locations” to showcase McCartney at the piano and centre mic, for example. “In addition to spots we have key lighting just to enhance Paul,” Lees explains. “He is an icon and we want to highlight him, which can be hard with all that tech onstage. We’re always looking for the best light, and I was blown away by a demo of Scenius Profile – its colour temperature and flatness of field were amazing. Then LeRoy saw it and loved it.”
The large complement of Sharpys “are all over the place doing what Sharpys do – tight beams, directional and quick,” Bennett notes. “We have two very tight banks of Sharpys mid-stage and downstage that create a wall of light, give the effect of being in a room or look like jail bars.”
Bennett emphasizes that equipment choices are made based on “the best of what’s out there. The lamp choice, the gear choice – we want the best of the best. That’s why we’ve chosen these products for Paul’s show. It’s a complex system; there’s a lot of gear all over the stage. But everything is working great.”

Featured Products…

Scenius Unico

The Scenius Unico is the latest addition to the Scenius family, therefore its first highly appealing feature is the quality of its light (1400W Osram lamp, 6500K, very high CRI). It is a magnificent spot light for projecting effects, with six rotating gobos, a rotating prism a beautiful animation wheel, and it is equipped with the most sophisticated and most precise framing system on the market today.

Scenius profile

Scenius Profile is the new Clay Paky beam shaper at the top of the Clay Paky moving head range. The optical reflector has been designed specifically for this product, in order to make the projection perfectly uniform across the whole beam opening, avoiding the typical hotspot effect of many spotlights.

Sharpy with lamp

Sharpy with lamp

Sharpy is a 189W moving beam light with an unprecedented brightness usually achievable only with far greater wattages.