Perth College’s Judith Cottier Theatre is a 650-seat venue used for community and school concerts and productions, as well as generally for assemblies.

Theatre Manager Matthew Brown recently welcomes twelve Martin Professional MAC Quantum Washes to the venue saying their existing colour wash lights were a decade old and they weren’t getting any brighter!

The MAC Quantum Wash features tight beams, beautiful wash fields, a market-leading colour palette, and uniform mixing that combines to accommodate the most demanding applications, offering brightness and perfection.

“The attractions of switching to LED were obvious; saving in power, not having to re-lamp and not having arc lights burning all day,” added Matthew. “The biggest show we do is right in the middle of our high summer and our air conditioning struggles with a full house and 100 kids onstage, so anything we can do to improve the temperature in the venue is critical.”

By replacing their existing colour wash fixtures with MAC Quantum Washes, Matthew says that they have almost tripled the light intensity.

“The colours are fantastic, they’re very bright and the zoom is outstanding,” he remarked. “With the twelve fixtures that I have now I can do a really beautiful, full colour stage wash of our large stage. When they’re narrow they’re a great beam effect and when they’re wide, they’re a great wash. I’m looking forward to using some other features once we switch to dance mode.”

Matthew reported that he spent some time with Show Technology and some other retailers in town, doing a week of colour wash light shoot-outs. He says that Show Technology did a much better job of the whole process than any of the other company that partook.

“Show Technology’s Frans Jansen spent a lot of time setting up all the personalities on my console, added some positions and generally made it very easy for us to compare a selection of their products,” said Matthew. “Then it was all left with me for a little while so I could have a good play with it.”

Combining an impressive 750 watt of RGBW LED power with Martin’s market leading optical system ensures that the 1:5 zoom on the MAC Quantum Wash operates with maximum output and superior performance.

The photographs are the recent senior school production of Guys and Dolls.

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