ShowPro and Martin a Divine Solution

ShowPro and Martin a Divine Solution

Horsham Church of Christ has opened its’ new headquarters designed to meet future needs of the church’s congregation and the wider community. The $4.5-million project was 16 years in the making and offers seating for 350 people on the floor level of its chapel, with room for another 150 people on a mezzanine level.

Mozaix were contracted to design, supply and install a complete audio visual solution including lighting, audio and video.

“We opted for an LED lighting solution including Fresnels, PARs and moving heads,” said Paul Tucker, Managing Director of Mozaix. “We chose the ShowPro LED Fresnels as they are our go-to product for these types of projects. We have four lighting bars with six LED Fresnels hung from the front of stage bar and two on the mid-stage bar. They’re bright, reliable and cost effective.”

The LED Fresnel W/W HD DMX Zoom produces 180W output and has an electronic zoom of 15°-60° with CRI of >90 making it the ideal fixture for church auditoriums.

Added to that were ten ShowPro LED PAR Quad-18 which Paul again describes as bright, looks fantastic and is also inexpensive. Paul decided to place eight Nitec LED HEX PAR 12s into the smaller, second auditorium, again a product he has spec’d many times.

Once the install of the initial lighting package of a front wash and some colour from the back was completed, it was evident that more flexibility was required due to the sheer size of the auditorium. Paul recommended six Martin Professional RUSH MH6 and two RUSH MH1 which deliver that flexibility without having to re-rig.

“We’ve been very impressed by the RUSH fixtures, especially the MH6 whose size versus output is incredible,” commented Paul. “It’s an outstanding fixture.”

According to Paul, the Church is ecstatic with its’ new auditorium and they are working very hard on learning how to operate all of their new gear!