NW Group have recently taken over full-service event production for Brisbane’s flagship special event location, Brisbane City Hall, and naturally they turned to Show Technology to supply the lighting for such a prestigious venue, with multiple event spaces of varying sizes and requirements.

With a strong commitment to energy sustainability, NW Group decided to create a 100% LED lighting rig and top of the list were 12 x Martin Professional MAC Quantum Profiles and 8 x MAC Quantum Washes.

“As well as being energy efficient, the MAC Quantums provide us with extended light-engine life and are spec’ed on many of the riders coming through,” commented Rory Lea, Project Manager at NW Group. “Of course they also have the reliability that comes with the Martin brand. They’ve performed flawlessly in our production stock and there hasn’t been a single issue, so choosing them for the new venue made sense. They’re much brighter than previous generation fixtures used in the venue and they definitely make a big difference in such a significant space as the BCH main auditorium”

ShowPro LED Fresnels and LED Profiles, in white only, were added to the rig with Rory commenting that everyone has been very impressed by these fixtures.

“They‘re performing well beyond the equivalent tungsten lights they replaced,” he said. “We also installed some ShowPro Fusion LED Pars and Hex36 LED Flood washes. The Hex36 LED Floods have such a large output and are weather-rated, so we can use them for the many outdoor events at the venue.”

In line with all of NW Group’s projects, control is an MA Lighting International MA2 light for the main room and an MA2 onPC to use in various locations around the venue.

“The Quantum Profiles are simply a great light,” remarked Lauren Wood, Venue Production Manager at BCH. “The Profiles have an advanced, modern effects library that is perfectly suited to work the work in the BCH auditorium. Our client, Epicure, love the improvement and the increased value and product that we can provide for our clients. Having matching stock in our national inventory is an enormous plus. ”

Since taking over at the Brisbane City Hall, NW Group has been busier than expected and everyone is full steam ahead!

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