Neale Mace, managing director of EI Productions, was more than aware that the line between vision and lighting is getting tighter and he noticed that one product that straddles both areas is the Martin Professional VDO Sceptron.

“We’ve been seeing them on lighting tech riders for a while now and it was time for us to get on-board with this exciting product,” he commented. “Their ability to run vision content alongside our existing LED screen gear should create some great looking shows.”

Neale opted for the Sceptron 10 – the 1000mm, 10mm pitch version, a PowerPort 1500, some optional Smoked Flat Diffusers and a 3 tier Sceptron roadcase.

The first show for them was James Bay where, according to Neale, they performed flawlessly.

Liam Tully, James Bay’s lighting designer, says he uses Martin VDO Sceptrons as they provide an all in one easy solution to put video in a linear strip.

“Another reason is we use the Martin P3 System Controller from a Hippo media server so it doesn’t use an extra DVI output,” he added. “The Sceptrons give us a unique look plus lightweight, sturdy and easy to assemble.”

Liam’s design has James sitting within a box of Sceptrons on the floor thus separating the performance space so James almost has his own stage during solos.

Products Featured…

VDO Sceptron 10 320mm in Cardboard

VDO Sceptron 10

The VDO Sceptron 10 is a linear outdoor-rated LED video fixture for the rental market with 10 mm pixel pitch and an extensive range of optical accessories for a wide variety of looks. (Packed in cardboard not cases, ask our team about cases if you need them.)