A couple of years ago, Victoria’s Nazareth School purchased some ShowPRO LED HO Strips to supply a cyc wash behind the stage. Ready to upgrade their lighting rig they contacted Aaron Barfoot from Impress Audio & Lighting for some assistance.

Aaron spent some time at the school with Show Technology’s Jason Griffin to work out the best solution for their needs.

“It is a multi-functional space so we needed to supply a rig that was versatile enough to cater for a variety of school events such as theatrical shows, assembly, music events, speech days, and various school holiday programs that is also easy to update without needing to alter the physical rig for each event.” Explained Aaron. “Being able to see demos of the products we’re wanting to buy before we buy them is exactly why we choose Show Technology for our projects! Their support is so valuable to us because it enables us to support our clients efficiently.”

The team selected a neat multi-functional package comprising 12 x ShowPRO LED Fusion Quad Pars, 5 x ShowPRO HD LED Fresnels with DMX Zoom, plus an MA Lighting dot2 core console was the answer to all their dreams!

“The LED Fusion Quad Pars were brighter and a lot more vibrant than the other products we looked at,” remarked Josh Aiello, AV Technician at the School. “The fact that they are IP rated, plus the closed chassis, meant that little maintenance would be required and that helped us make the decision.”

Three LED Fresnels are rigged on the front bar with other two above the stage to provide the coverage needed. The venue’s lighting bars are fixed and cannot be accessed without a lifter (which the school does not own) and so LED colour changing fixtures were the most sensible choice.

“I was really impressed by the amount of coverage a single Fresnel can provide,” said Josh. “The colour temperature matches the rest of the rig and I love the versatility the zoom provides for us.”

Josh has discovered that the dot2 core console is a doddle for students to learn and he is particularly impressed by how simple it is to navigate the effects engine. The dot2 is a really good tool for the students to start developing transferable skills in professional lighting control and is of course the perfect introduction to the mechanics and understanding the broad scope of the MA family of products.

Impress Audio & Lighting supplied the equipment and will continue to support their team to achieve the shows of their dreams. Show Technology will be providing the students at Nazareth School with the official dot2 training curriculum early next year to help the students on their lighting journey! (Aaron Barfoot is pictured alongside Josh.)

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Dot 2 Core

The dot2 core is a compact lighting console designed for small to medium sized productions up to 4,096 control channels.


Outdoor-rated Quad-colour (4-in-one), RGBW LED wash light designed for professional touring and production companies.
W-DMX receiver onboard