EI Productions already own Martin MAC Quantum Profiles and, as they have proved to be an amazing and popular LED fixture, it was only a matter of time before they bought the wash version of the MAC Quantum.

“We’ve seen the Martin MAC Quantum Wash become steadily more popular over the last couple of years and they’re now appearing on lots of local and overseas lighting tech riders,” commented Neale Mace, Managing Director of EI Productions. “The MAC Quantum Wash is pretty to look at, very bright, very lightweight, nicely cased in pairs and has a raft of features that make it stand out from the LED wash crowd.”

Neale noted that they have found the overall brightness, zoom capabilities and colour pallet perfect for their touring and show applications.

“Also, it says Martin on it, so you know it’s reliable,” he added. “The on-board FX are also a nice touch and helps separate the MAC Quantum from other LED wash fixtures.”

Neale concluded that, as usual, Show Technology provided great service and quick turnaround from ordering.

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MAC Quantum Wash

MAC Quantum Wash

The MAC Quantum Wash features tight beams, beautiful wash fields, a market-leading colour palette, and uniform mixing that combines to accommodate the most demanding applications, offering brightness and perfection.