When Perth’s Bethel Presbyterian Church wanted a new energy efficient LED lighting system designed and installed, as well as a state of the art lighting console, they turned to 3 Monkeys Audiovisual for a solution. They also wanted to stream and record their services and display content on new high powered projectors.

Following extensive site visits and discussions 3 Monkeys Audiovisual designed a solution where they installed an exciting and powerful lighting and dual projection system as well as meeting their camera, recording and streaming requirements as requested.

“They had some lighting but it’s quite a large area and they particularly needed more profiles and fresnels,” explained Enzo Volpe, Systems Design & Sales Consultant at 3 Monkeys Audiovisual. “For the main front lighting bar we added four ShowPRO LED Fresnel W/W HD DMX Zoom complete with barndoors. It’s simply a good, reliable, professional model. The lights are quite high up in the church so we didn’t want a fixture that would need constant servicing.”

The ShowPRO LED Fresnel W/W HD DMX Zoom produces 180W output and has an electronic zoom of 15°-60° with CRI of >90 making it the ideal fixture for churches. Complementing these fixtures on the main front truss were a couple of ShowPRO Pharos compact LED profiles with 14° – 30° zoom for convenient versatility across many applications.

“The Pharos are mainly used to light people talking at the lecterns and they’ve been fantastic,” added Enzo. “They have a large stage area, the back of which is white, and in order to create different moods whilst the minister is talking, we added 16 x ShowPRO LED PAR Quad-18 to the stage bars. They’ve been great and are bright, look fantastic and are also inexpensive. We also have six ShowPRO LED HEX PAR 12, three on each of the two side bars.”

For control, a budget, entry-level console was initially considered but eventually a more professional, industry-recognised console was decided upon.

“For all the different scenes and all the things they wanted to do, the MA Lighting dot2 core was the best value for money,” explained Enzo. “It’s also expandable with the addition of extra wings and that really sold it to the client. Show Technology’s Frans Jansen programmed some scenes for us and also delivered extensive training to the church goers who operate the console. They all picked it up very quickly.”

According to Enzo, feedback from the Church is that they are very, very happy with the system and that obviously makes him happy!

Featured Products…

Dot 2 Core

The dot2 core is a compact lighting console designed for small to medium sized productions up to 4,096 control channels.


The Pharos is a compact LED profile with output comparable to 575W ellipsoidal reflector spotlights.

LED PAR Quad-18

LED PAR Quad-18

Consisting of 18x QUAD-COLOUR RGBW- 8Watt LEDs this fixture can cover a large range of the colour spectrum including quality pastels, whites warm and cool.