September 2019: Summer lingered for music lovers at the Festival 39 Aout 2019, August 30-31 at the Domaine de Chalain in France’s Jura region. The multi-genre music festival was held in a beautiful setting alongside Chalain Lake where an array of Claypaky lighting fixtures illuminated Big Flo & Oli, Martin Solveig, Eagle-Eye Cherry and other performers.

Atomix provided Lighting Designer Guillaume Steck with 12 HY B-EYE K25s, 10 Sharpy Plus and six A.leda K20 Wash fixtures for the two-day outdoor event.
“With an open-air festival it’s always difficult to program a show in the middle of the afternoon – it’s usually necessary to wait until nightfall to be able to offer real lighting,” says Steck. “But with these fixtures, allied with a good atmospheric generator, it’s now much easier.”

Steck positioned the K20 Washes at the front of the stage with the Sharpy Plus and K25s spread out on two decks.

“With the HY B-EYE K25s the timeless kaleidoscope effect, known to everyone from the B-EYE K20, remains a key asset that no other projector has managed to match,” he declares.

“The power of the K25, even in broad daylight, is simply amazing!” says Steck.

Steck valued the Sharpy Plus for its hybrid features that gave him more options on stage. “With Sharpy Plus we get the standard beam features of a Sharpy, which are not even necessary to mention any more, plus a full-blown ‘spot’ mode,” he notes.

“The powerful beam of the Sharpy Plus delighted all the stage managers,” adds Steck. “The K25 and Sharpy Plus fixtures were a winning duo.”

Steck reports that the lights performed “perfectly” with “zero worries” for the duration of the festival.

Pierre Girard was the Project Manager for the festival with Quentin Vallet the Lighting Chief and Aurelien Robert the Electrician. DIMATEC is the distributor of Claypaky fixtures in France.

Photo credit: Thierry Laroche

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The B-EYE has revolutionized the way we think of LED show lighting. Its innovative optical unit enhances the uniformity and efficiency of the light output. The rotating front lens and the possibility to control each single LED individually have made spectacular kaleidoscopic projections and charming eye candy effects possible.

Sharpy Plus

SHARPY PLUS is the first true 100% HYBRID unit, able to be a perfect beam light and a perfect spotlight.  It is suitable for every occasion, with an extraordinary luminous efficiency which ensures substantial savings through lower power consumption.


The A.leda B-EYE K20 is a high performance wash light, a breathtaking beam light, and a creator of completely new spectacular visual effects. Its unparalleled versatility makes it an extremely interesting creative tool for all lighting designers.