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Forum North in New Zealand’s Whangarei, is Northland’s top performance, conference and expo centre. Its versatility means it can offer a range of facilities and services for hire to cater for events such as national festivals and expos, through to meeting the need for smaller community-based activities.

When the venue required a new lighting console, the search began for a cost-effective, reliable and importantly, a future proof solution.

Nic McCully, Team Leader for Whangarei District Council’s Operations – Venues & Events Department, surveyed her technical team as to what was the best option and the response was overwhelming – MA Lighting all the way!!

Having assessed the MA Lighting range, Nic decided that the MA3 compact XT, which offers the full system benefits of the grandMA3 system whilst housed in a compact and lightweight format, was the ideal choice for the venue.

“We especially looked at where it was sitting software wise and what the longevity of the console would be,” commented Nic. “Our guys that are using the MA3 compact XT absolutely love it and say it’s a beautiful console to operate. The touring guys that turn up here can’t believe we have such a contemporary console and are very surprised!”

The larger of MA Lighting’s two compact consoles, the MA3 compact XT still has two large multi-touch monitors, 5 dual encoders, 60 physical playbacks, 16 assignable x-keys and 4,096 control parameters.

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grandMA3 compact XT

The grandMA3 compact XT console is the larger of the two compact models, offering the full system benefits of the grandMA3 system, housed in a compact and lightweight format. Easy to transport, the compact models are ideal for owner/operators and also the console of choice for tech-desk duties.