Kings Park is one of the world’s largest and most beautiful inner-city parks with sweeping views of the Swan and Canning Rivers, the city skyline and the Darling Ranges to the east. Fraser Avenue, the main entrance to Kings Park, is 485 metres long and lined with lemon scented gum trees end to end providing an impressive entrance statement.

Thanks to a COVID-19 recovery stimulus package given to the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (BGPA) whom manage Kings Park, PLAN E Landscape Architects were engaged as lead consultants to design a tree canopy up-lighting upgrade for the existing Metal Halide fixtures which were at the end of their serviceable life.

Engineering Technology Consultants (ETC) were tasked by Plan E to design a lighting installation for the BGPA that is flexible in how it operates with virtually unlimited colours and combinations matched with a multitude of display patterns, offers maximum brightness and utilised the existing cabling pathways.

Having worked with Show Technology on previous projects, Light Application approached Show Technology to help them find a suitable luminare to put forward to ETC to suitably up-light the tree canopy and trial on site.

“When Matt Bancroft from Light Application approached me for a solution, knowing the precinct very well and the high level of prestige at stake, I knew our offering needed to be of superior quality, so I recommended the Martin Exterior™ Inground 410,” commented Mike Bird, Show Technology’s Technical Sales guru in WA. “Light Application are no newcomers to using Martin architectural products having installed numerous successful projects throughout Perth with Exterior 500s and 1000 image projectors.”

Mike swiftly reached out to Martin Singapore to arrange a demo unit and within hours of his call, it was on its way and four days later he delivered the unit to Light Application.

A night trial was initiated by ETC using a handful of select luminaire products to demonstrate capability, with ETC ultimately specifying the Martin Exterior™ Inground 410 RGBW luminaire for the main canopy lighting facing the cityscape.

The Martin Exterior™ Inground 400 series is a range of uncomplicated, easy-to-use colour-changing LED luminaires. Perfect for installations with visible light sources, the Exterior Inground series combines the benefits of dynamic light and discreet installation. The recessed housing can be made to fit any type of surface with a trim ring available in bevelled and flush-mount versions, for discreet installation both day and night.

Features include a built-in glare shield for high visual comfort, varied selection of optics, remote control and configuration via DMX and RDM and rugged drive-over IP67 housing.

“To say that the output of the Martin Exterior™ Inground 410 luminaire is impressive is an understatement – it certainly packs a punch for its unobtrusive inground design, exactly what the iconic location along Fraser Avenue in Kings Park required!” commented Matt Bancroft. “The CREE RGBW Quad-Colour LED chipset within these fixtures allows for a wide range of vibrant colours as well as a crisp 4000K white which accents the Lemon Scented Gums perfectly!

“In addition, the asymmetric optics provided the optimum coverage for the tree canopies whilst keeping light spill and glare to a minimum.”

The lit-up trees deliver a fantastic experience along beautiful Kings Park Fraser Avenue that can be seen at night from across the city adding a new element to the very texture of Perth.

Client: Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority
Landscape Architect: Plan E
Lighting & Electrical Consultant: Engineering Technology Consultants (ETC)
Electrical Contractor: Gillmore Electrical
Controls Specialist and integrator: Light Application

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Inground 400 /410 / 420

Inground 400 /410 / 420

Exterior™ Inground is a series of simple, easy-to-use color changing LED luminaires. Perfect for installations with visible light sources, the Exterior Ingrounds combine the benefits of dynamic light and discreet installation.