The University of the Sunshine Coast has a new state-of-the-art facility to inspire the study of Creative Industries and enliven the campus as a venue for regular performances by musicians and actors.

The building features professional-quality recording and video studios, a black box theatre production space, and Queensland’s first MIT Fab Lab Maker Space.

All areas of the building are connected by a high-end audio-over-IP system that will enable recording of high-fidelity, broadcast-quality audio from any part of the building, making it suitable for professionally recording acts as small as a solo artist or as large as an orchestra.

HME Services provided a full theatre infrastructure package for the black box theatre which will be used to train students in technical theatre production. For cyc lighting, HME decided you couldn’t go past the Prolights EclCyclorama 100, a 330W linear soft CYC and floodlight with RGB + Warm White colour mixing.

The EclCyclorama 100 is a soft-edge, linear cyclorama and floodlight, designed in a surprisingly low profile form factor to meet applications at both front and end of the stage, offering an unprecedented level of brightness in its category.

The fixture is equipped with a custom and calibrated RGB + Warm White LED source, which is capable to deliver a linear and high-quality white reproduction of the entire spectrum with high CRI, TLCI and TM30 performances.

The optical system has been designed to offer a very wide asymmetric beam angle, and is capable of a superior lumen efficiency, making the EclCyclorama range a very flexible solution, suitable for both applications where fixtures are connected or separated by a considerable distance, without worrying of dark-edge or uniformity gaps.

“The EclCyclorama 100 is absolutely awesome!” remarked Brad Galgon of HME. “It is so punchy and low profile with very even colour.

“I love that all the parameters for the colours are actually in the light so if you want to dial up Lee 101 it’s all inbuilt to the light. In other words, if you go to your console and bring up Lee 101, the colour is calibrated in the light rather than the console. There are three different colour temperatures available to which you can add your colours. It’s a really nice little light and very impressive.”
As the EclCyclorama 100 is extremely user friendly and offers a multitude of control possibilities being DMX, RDM, Artnet and Wireless DMX, it is no surprise that HME is now speccing them on other jobs!

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