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Forum North Entertainment Centre located in the heart of New Zealand’s Whangarei recently installed some spectacular outdoor lighting partially for eye candy but also for security reasons by making the car park less dark at night.

Kyle Telfer, Director of Echo AV, was tasked with the project and having used Studio Due products on previous installations, he didn’t hesitate to recommend eight Studio Due Terra Plus-T RGBW inground LED fixtures.

A large tree and a carved arch, that form the entrance to the venue, were to be illuminated and so the Studio Due Terra Plus-T RGBW were installed in a circle around the base of the tree.

“The Terra Plus fixtures are located within a circular concrete retaining wall that circles the tree,” commented Kyle. “They’re a robust fixture and I like that they are inground – they simply look attractive with their nice stainless steel surround and the rest of the light buried in the ground. They have great colours and are bright.”

To light up the arch, a couple of Studio Due ParLED100 RGBW are surface mounted on the ground from where they can uplight the structure in a myriad of colours.

The lighting is controlled from within the venue with the aid of a W-DMX Blackbox F-1 G5 that transmits to the outside W-DMX Whitebox F-1 G5 receiver.

“We had to do it that way because it was going to be quite a challenge to get cabling from inside the building out to the tree,” explained Kyle. “The W-DMX delivers ease of installation and works very well.”

Climatech were the electricians used to carry out the installation from Kyle’s design.

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PARLED 100 RGBW/FC is a IP67 flood projector.  It can be used to decorate columns, pillars, along walkways, on patios, in steps, to highlight and to landscape details and key elements.