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Based out of Queenstown, New Zealand, TomTom Productions delivers exceptional lighting, sound and multimedia experiences.

Hamish Roberge, Managing Director of TomTom, is known for creating innovative designs with help of some great gear including his eight Ayrton Diablos, a fast, lightweight LED fixture with framing shutters, rotating gobos, CMY mixing and a good zoom range.

“I particularly like how lightweight they are at 21Kg,” remarked Hamish. “It’s light enough for a one-man rig and can be rigged at any angle which makes it extremely flexible. I can’t believe they pack so much into such a compact unit! The wide zoom is very impressive and great for us as many venues we work in have low ceilings. The Diablos are hands-down the best fixture to cover a good amount of floor space from a short height.”

Hamish was also astounded by the speed and brightness of the Diablo and considering the number of features it offers, just how quiet it can be.

“They are super-bright, especially concerning their size and weight,” he added. “The shutters are very helpful when trying to cover areas that have very tricky angles and are handy for doing stage wash.”

The first image shows the Diablos being used at Rhythm and Alps where they were the floor package profile fixture.

“They kept up with the bigger fixtures and never got lost in the world of LED screens, lights and strobes,” said Hamish. “For such a compact unit, it packs a punch.”

A second image is an event held in a winery woolshed and it shows the capability of Diablo’s zoom range. Three Diablos were placed per side on the floor without the zoom even at full yet they covered the roof well.

“They were nice and punchy and gave a two-tone texture over the ceiling using a glass gobo that has yellow in it,” Hamish described. “Using a colour filter, you get a slight shift between two tones so that looked cool.”

As work starts to pick up in New Zealand, we’re looking forward to seeing what more Hamish does with his Ayrton Diablos.

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The Ayrton Diablo the smallest, lightest and most efficient luminaire of its category. With a record output of 19,000 lumens and a total weight of 21.8 kg, DIABLO is a powerhouse of technology that will tempt the most demanding lighting designers.

The Diablo comes in two models:

  • Diablo – S (AYRDIA101): a 19,000 lm, 6500 K, CRI=70 model
  • Diabo – TC (AYRDIA100): a 14,000 lm, 5700 K CRI=90 model