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New Zealand’s VenueTech is a small team passionate about everything technical production and behind the scenes.

The core of their work is providing technical management to Whakatū Nelson venues, such as the Theatre Royal and Nelson Centre of Musical Arts. However, recently they have taken the step to owning their own lighting and AV gear to occasionally supplement the venue’s in-house gear.

“We had been hiring from other companies but wanted more control over the quality of components,” commented JR Richardson, Managing Director of VenueTech. “Clients sometimes wanted a bit more, and so I did some analysis and figured, well, actually, we can probably afford to fill that gap.”

First on the shopping list was the AVStumpfl Monoblox 32, the mobile projection screen choice of the world’s leading rental and staging companies. Monoblox 32 combines a time-tested frame system with stable, reliable and automatically engaging snap joints that allow a single-piece frame.

“I had spoken with some friends and colleagues around the country who I know work with a variety of gear and have views that I appreciate,” explained JR. “Many people say AVStumpfl is the one to get because it lasts longer. There are other brands on the market, and they might be cheaper, but you get what you pay for, and this is an excellent product, something you can rely on. I struggle to find too much criticism of them online as well.”

JR adds that setting up the Monoblox 32 frame can is quick and easy while it looks nice and feels robust.

“We opted for the lightweight case for protection and accessories so the screen can be flown, which is very important to us,” he said.

Stumpfl MONOBLOX 32 includes unique auto-locking hinges for quick assembly with one touch push button release for easy dismantlement. All frames are positively attached to the legs with a unique 8mm speedy butterfly fastener. Flexible, crease-free, folding front or rear projection screens are attached to the frame with snaps.

VenueTech also welcomed some ShowPRO lighting in the form of a couple of Pharos LED Profiles and six LED PAR Quad-7.

“We got the Pharos fixtures because we wanted a flexible front light that is LED,” remarked JR. “The Pharos has a neutral colour temperature and can shutter rather than a barn door. I was quite impressed with the colour temperature compared to other similarly priced profiles.”

VenueTech’s ShowPRO LED PAR Quad-7 fixtures are often used as up lights on curtains or stage wash, with JR noting that they purchased barn doors and installed wider lenses in them for a far-reaching wash.

“With the extra beam width, they’re very flexible – equally nice on stages as they are lighting up trees or up curtains for ambience,” he added. “They’re nice and punchy for their size, with deep colours. I’ve enjoyed the battery dial-up on them, being able to turn them on and set things up without plugging them in – along with wireless DMX, makes them so fast to deploy.”

Pictured is all of the gear in use at Tūpuna Pono – Being Good Ancestors.

Photographer: Melissa Banks

Featured Products…

Monoblox 32


MONOBLOX wows people all over the world as it combines our time-tested frame system with stable, reliable and automatically engaging snap joints that allow a single-piece frame.


The Pharos is a compact LED profile with output comparable to 575W ellipsoidal reflector spotlights.

LED PAR Quad-7

Consisting of 7 QUAD-COLOUR RGBW- 8Watt LEDs this fixture can cover a large range of the colour spectrum including quality pastels, whites warm and cool. With a total 56Watts of LED power this compact unit has more than enough output to suit most applications.