When Paul Nardella of On Track Lighting was given a demo of the new ShowPRO H1 BSW 480 HID he admits that he was blown away by its performance.

“Show Technology’s Paul Nicolaou set some up at Melbourne Pavilion for which we are the in-house technical provider,” explained Paul. “We were looking for a fixture that is a beam, spot and wash hybrid but something brighter than what we’re using. We turned one of these on and we almost melted the wall with it! The beam divergence from 50 metres away is solid the whole way through.”

The ShowPRO H1 has an HID lamp that can output over 20,000 lux at 50 metres and can maintain a clear, consistent focus over great distances. With dual layered 4- and 8-facet prisms, this fixture can achieve unique in-air effects, and combined with its gobo and animation wheels, its versatility is endless.

Paul points out that the Melbourne Pavilion has been completely booked out for a year straight with many different promoters all wanting different lights.

“Some want beams, some want a wash, some want spot …. so the ShowPRO H1 is a perfect choice as it can satisfy them all,” said Paul. “The beam angle is phenomenal and the gobos are crazy. We used them at the MCEC for a Herbalife conference where Gobotech provided a gobo of their logo. The Herbalife logo was probably 25 meters wide on the back wall, it was huge and looked incredible.”

Originally Paul purchased eight ShowPRO H1 hybrid lights but it didn’t take him long to order sixteen more! By the end of the year, he is aiming to have 48 in his inventory.

“The ShowPRO H1’s colours are amazing, especially the reds which are very rich,” he added. “A lot of LED fixtures have dull reds especially when you’ve got an LED screen in the room. Being a 480-watt discharge lamp, it throws the red out there. There’s a crazy amount of punch in the colour spectrum on the CMY. They are bright and fast, we had these side by side with a more expensive, well-known leading brand and they were significantly faster and brighter!”

ShowPRO H1; power and flexibility delivering exceptional results in any circumstance.

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