As Show Technology celebrates its 30th year in operation, it has not only been a time to reminisce but also to look to the future. In doing so, important internal staff changes have been made to strengthen and invigourate the company that is Australia’s premier lighting and AV solutions distributor.

“We are always striving to improve our business so we can deliver the best product, service and sales experience to our broad range of customers,” commented Emmanuel Ziino, Managing Director. “So, as part of Show Technology’s ongoing development and growth, we are proud to announce these welcome changes.”

Over the last couple of years, Show Technology has added many new staff members to its day-to-day team across all offices. As market position has increased, so has the product offering which naturally creates an increase in management’s work load. These changes reflect the response to these adjustments.

Angelo Ruggeri has been promoted to the newly created position of Business Manager. This senior role allows Angelo to apply the skills he has developed after 18 years with us across all of the company’s business divisions.

“I’m excited to embark on this new challenge and keen to utilise my many years of experience to further drive the success of Show Technology,” he commented.

Angelo’s multi-disciplined role will see him working with department managers and individual team members to improve the company’s operations, focus and direction.

Paul Nicolaou has been promoted to the newly developed role of Chief Commercial Officer. After more than 20 years with the company, Paul’s role has been extensive for some time and his duties have included more than his previous title of Victorian Branch Manager would suggest.

“I am feeling blessed at the moment,” said Paul. “Show Technology is a place where you can go work with the best team in the industry, do your best to make a difference and be truly appreciated for your commitment.”

While he still retains his branch manager duties, Paul’s new role captures his extensive involvement in product, sales and marketing strategy as well as product sourcing and supplier liaison; essentially most commercial aspects of our business, hence the “Commercial” in his title.

Angela Laidler is another long-serving staff member who has been given the new title of Finance Manager to reflect her actual super important role.

“I am honoured to work as part of the fantastic team at Show Technology and excited to see what the new financial year brings,” remarked Angela.

As the title suggests, Angela looks after all areas of the company’s finances as well as the super-important HR department.