Astra Wash19Pix

Astra Wash19Pix is a 19x40W RGBW moving wash light with 4°-54° zoom, pixel control and pixel ring.


Astra Wash19Pix is an LED moving wash light, designed to be a workhorse for any touring, corporate and event applications, offering a superior level of brightness and advanced creative effect possibilities. Based on a 40W Osram RGBW LED light source, plus the exterior pixel ring, this unit features an extremely high-efficiency optical system capable of zooming from 4° to 54°, making this luminaire extremely versatile for any application. Astra Wash19Pix is single pixel controllable, with multiple on-board FX, and allows access to a precise and advanced white and colour control, all through DMX, W-DMX, Art-Net, sACN, Kling-Net and RDM.


Product Features:

  • Silent operation, smooth and fast movements
  • Zoom from 4° to 54° with high optical efficiency
  • Pixel and ring control, precise white CCT, multiple FX and colour features

MUSMOV319 Astra Wash 19Pix Datasheet.pdf    1.67 MB
MUSMOV319 Astra Wash 19Pix Manual.pdf    4.5 MB
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