Cobra 3.1

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The Cobra 3.1 is a powerful fog generator, that sets new Standards concerning noise and handling.


The new Touchscreen makes the handling of the Cobra 3.1 easy and intuitive. Operation via Ethernet and RDM-features allow most exible use. The machine is supplied with a duct adaptor that also functions as a protection against contact.

•230V only

• New, extremely silent nozzle
with its newly developed nozzle the machine works very silently. The noise level at full output is 82.5 dBA (in comparison: the Viper 2.6 with 2600 Watt generates at full output 100.5 dBA). The nozzle can be unscrewed and cleaned as needed.
• Two pumps for constant output
The use of two pumps ensures a very constant fog output at any pump level.
Therefore the continuous output up to 30% pump level is regulated from one pump, levels from 31% to 100% are regulated by a second, more powerful pump.
• New Touchscreen
All adjustments can be made easily and intuitive via the big Touchscreen with simple menu navigation.
• New controls
Besides the stand-alone, analogue and DMX 512 control, the machine can also be operated via Ethernet (Artnet and sACN).
• RDM-capable
The Cobra 3.1 is equipped with the following RDM-features: — Status: Ready, Re-heating, Error messages (E-1, E-2 etc) — DMX-Patch
— Temperature: Heating element, PCB
— Adjusting the Personality
— General Informations about the machine
Newly developed, extremely silent nozzle
constant, steady Output
DMX, Ethernet, RDM
Made in Germany
 Finest adjustments of the output
Digital technology enables fine adjustments of the pump. In steps of 1% the output can be adjusted from 0 – 100%. Thus, any desired effect – from a tiny fog cloud to the thickest continuous fog – can be produced. This allows an individual adaptation to the dimensions of the room.
• Adjustable Pump characteristic
Depending on the use of the Cobra 3.1 and the desired effect, the user can choose between four different pump characteristics: Impulse, Extended, Flood and Continuous.
The output and fogging time varies depending on the choo- sen pump characteristic.
• Adjustable Performance curve
For nest adjustments of the pump from 0% – 30%. In these- pump levels, the performance curve can be regulated 5% up or down, if the same output is needed at several machines or the aging process influences the output. Thus, different fog amounts can be balanced.
• Internal Timer
With the internal timer, the fogging time can be adjusted in seconds, the wait time in minutes and the output in %. Once the timer is activated, the adjusted program will run until the timer is deactivated.
•Working hours counter
The Cobra 3.1 is equipped with a working hours counter, that saves heating and fogging durations.
The following Look fog liquids are available for the Cobra 3.1:
Quick-Fog (thick, quick disappearing fog liquid) Regular-Fog (thick, long-lasting fog liquid) Slow-Fog (thick, extremely long lasting fog liquid)

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