Cryo gate

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The Cryo-Gate is a compact device that mates up to any professional fogger. It enables the user to temporarily transform  their existing fogger into a low fog generator. To be used with CO2-high pressure bottles.


The Cryo-Gate sits in front of the fogger‘s nozzle. A high-pressure dip-tube siphon CO2 tank connects to the
unit and allows the user to add a variable amount of CO2 and air to the fog‘s output. The result is a cold fog that
stays low.
A tube (Ø 200 mm) can be connected to the front of the Cryo-Gate to guide the fog into the requested direction.
The tube can be around ten meters long, allowing to place the machine away from the stage to avoid disturbing noise.
Holes at the Cryo-Gate ease mounting it to a rack or building it into a flightcase.

Product Features:

  • Can be used with fog generators that have been already bought
  • Ethernet, DMX 512, analogue (0 – 10 V) and manual control
  • Several adjustments (Air, CO2- and fog output)
  • Adjustments made via Touchscreen
  • Compact
  • Connector for tube
  • CO2 high pressure bottles can be rented nearly everywhere
  • Also available without flightcase
  • Made in Germany
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