Exterior 1000 Projector

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The Exterior™ Projection 1000 is an unparalleled, powerful tool for permanent outdoor installations to integrate textures, patterns and graphics for limitless creative exterior lighting designs.


Sporting high impact and low maintenance, this advanced, IP66-rated LED projector offers sharp image quality, dynamic features and great reach over huge distances.

  • Flat-field, high-contrast image projection with a wide zoom range
  • Fully weatherized with low maintenance and running
  • Full CMY colour mixing for maximum creativity


  • Flat field, high contrast image projection based on high power LED engine
  • 0-100% electronic dimming
  • Full CMY colour mixing + additional colour wheel with 7 interchangeable colours
  • 7 gobo slots for projecting graphic images (gobos included)
  • Animation system for creating animated lighting effects (horizontal and vertical)
  • Zoom range from 10° – 43° for exact projection on the desired surface
  • Variable frost for creating morphing effects and hybrid function as a wash light
  • 2 rotating prisms for creating abstract multi patterns
  • Intuitive setup, configuration and stand-alone programming via graphical OLED display
  • RDM and DMX control
  • Fully weatherized IP66 fixture for permanent outdoor installation
  • Fully convection cooling using heat pipes technology

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