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The OctaJet is a new, innovative device that can replace conventional CO2jets. By using a fog fluid that dissolves extremely quickly, the use of CO2is completely eliminated. This saves both costs and unnecessary organization and logistics.



The OctaJet can be used/installed in any direction vertically upwards, upside down, tilted sideways, 45°).Thus, the OctaJet is the perfect device for large events, concerts, amusement parks, etc. Wherever surprising effects are to be achieved, the OctaJet is in the right place.


Product Features:


Exact setting of the output time

The time for the jet shot (Shot time) can be set from 100 milliseconds to 2 seconds (in 100 millisecond increments).This allows an identical time to be set for multiple units to better synchronize short shots. If the time is set to off, the fog duration can be freely determined via DMX.

Setting of the output height

The output height of the OctaJet is determined by means of pressure. The output height can be set in four levels. The selection of the pressure level (low, medium, high, max) determines the height of the jet shot.


The large touchscreen with simple menu navigation allows the desired settings to be made quickly and intuitively.

New control options

In addition to control via DMX 512, control via Ethernet (Artnet and sACN) is also possible. Manual operation is also possible. Here, the time for the jet shot is set directly on the device. The fogging process is started by briefly pressing the start button.


Various information can be read via RDM. The built-in sensors for preheat, energy, heating temperature, pressure, tank level and jet time can also be read out via RDM

Internal 2L tank

The integrated 2L tank has several sensors that indicate the level of the tank in four steps.

Internal Operating hours counter

Records the running time of the pump, heating element and device.

Connector for external tank

If the OctaJet is installed in the truss, an external tank can be connected.


The OctaJet achieves optimal results with the Jet-Fluid.

CODE: LOKJCE275 Look Jet Fluid 5L

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