Pro Smoke 9.5 Litre

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Jem offers the widest and most popular range of atmosphere generating smoke, haze and heavy fog fluid around. Ideal for use in theaters, discos and clubs, concerts, festivals even television applications. Jem fluid is effective, safe and economical.


All Jem fluid is environmentally friendly and water based. All fluids are made from the highest quality food grade polyfunctional alcohol which are diluted with water and purified by double reverse osmosis and ultra – violet filtration processes.

This guarantees a virtually mineral and bacteria free product. Jem want you to be totally satisfied with your smoke machine. Only by using Jem fluid can you be 100% guaranteed that your Jem smoke machine will operate optimally. Possible problems, including a shortened machine life and possible health risk may occur with the use of any type of fog or smoke fluid.

The efficiency and quality of Jem fluid has been greatly enhanced since the opening of their new fluid production facility in Lincolnshire, England. A fully automated and programmable mixing and pouring system has been installed in virtually sterile environment that guarantees a pure, precise product. The facility will effectively increase the production of Jem fluids while ensuring high quality and safety standards.

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