Sully 315LF LED Fresnel 4C

Providing a multi-faceted solution in a compact package, Sully 4C 315LF Fresnel combines a high-quality 200W 4-colour LED source with a single 200 mm Fresnel lens, which can be easily changed for a Pebble Convex lens.


It offers broad coverage with even beam, for smooth matches between fixtures when installed side by side. Integrating an innovative software platform named RJ Color, its advanced setting modes ensure perfect whites and
high quality saturated and pastel colours. In addition to low power consumption and low heat generation, Sully 4C 315LF delivers consistent colour rendition when dimming.


Product Features:

• Light intensity: 8 or 16 bit dimming and strobe function
• Colour control: CIE XY, Hue saturation, RGB (with choice of the colour space – Native / sRGB / REC.709 / REC.2020 / ProPhoto) or RAW modes
• Calibrated white sources: 3 white presets reproducing tungsten 3000 K or 3200 K lamps, or discharge 6500 K lamps
• Colour Temperature adjustment (CCT): white from 1700 to 10000 Kelvin with Delta UV control (+/- Green – Magenta)
• Colour mixing optimization: choice of High Quality or High Brightness mode
• Colour filter simulation: 300 colour filters included with transmission / saturation adjustment – Fade time and type adjustment between 2 colour filters for adjustable transition
• DimShift function: when dimming the light, the colours follow the Planck curve (tungsten redshift emulation) – Available on all sources (white presets, any CCT value) and all colour filters
• 1 parameter DMX mode: filter or colour selection through local display and dimming control by DMX (8 or 16 bits)
• Adjustable response time: choice of fast or slow dimming for tungsten-like simulation – adjustment by DMX – 3 modes available: tungsten, linear and linear with flash detection
• Theatre front cassette: no light spill to distract audiences or performers
• Accessories holder: double runners to hold accessories and colour filters
• Barndoor: unique rotating barn door with 4 individually rotating blades – makes even the most difficult angle possible
• PWM adjustment: choice of different PWM dimming frequencies
• Local setup: dMX address and mode, dimming curve and response time through 4-button display with automatic light switch-off
• Dimming parameters: choice of square, linear or tungsten dimming curves
• Focus reference: index for easy focus reference
• Focus adjustment: smooth focus adjustment from rear
• Tilt reference on hanging yoke: index for rapid re-positioning

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