Sully LED Profile 651SX CW

The Sully 651SX is a variable zoom 11° to 26° profile featuring a high-quality 115 W cool white LED source that delivers a first-class white light and an output that exceeds a 2500 W tungsten luminaire equipped with CTB filter.


Combining this new LED engine with the proven optics of the renowned 600SX Series, Sully profile offers accurate framing and superb gobo projection. The LED compartment of the Sully profile can be swapped with those of the 600SX Series (as well as with those of Aledin 630SX or Quincy 420SX Series). It is equally happy on stage, overhead, on side booms or prosceniums, in opera houses, theatres and studios, where “daylight” rendering is required.


• Multi-function double gate: simultaneous use of gobos and iris. Sharp focus of both gobo and shutter
• Shutter gate: up to 8 shutters. Remove shutters for easy maintenance or tuck fully inside gate for secure transport
• User-friendly shutter-lock system: secures shutters’ setting in any circumstances (locking efficient up to 4 shutters)
• Universal gobo holder: “A” size glass and metal gobo
• Lens tube lock feature: secures rotating lens tube against unwanted movement
• 90° rotating lens tube / gate / front accessories holder: rotation of the projected image is always possible – no need to move the yoke
• Internal glass filter holder: long term use of durable coloured, dichroic or textured glass
• Adjustable response time: choice of fast or slow dimming for tungsten-like simulation – adjustment by DMX protocol
• Universal data control: compatible with DMX, RDM, Art-Net, sACN protocols
• Remote setup: all parameters can be adjusted by RDM protocol or by web interface
• PWM adjustment: choice of different PWM dimming frequencies – continuous mode available
• DMX: 8 or 16 bit dimming and strobe function
• Dimming parameters: choice of square or linear dimming curves
• Easy focus reference: graduated scale on side of the unit; fast and easy refocusing
• Tilt reference on hanging yoke: index for rapid re-positioning

RJTLED350-357 - Sully LED Profile 650SX - Manual.pdf    10.58 MB
RJTLED350-357 - Sully LED Profile 650SX - Quick Start Guide.pdf    1.46 MB
RJTLED351 - Sully LED Profile 651SX CW 11-26 - Datasheet.pdf    2.2 MB
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