Unique 2L Haze Juice

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Use: Fog- and smoke simulation

Chemical characteristic: Mixture of higher alcohols and water
Ingredients: Contains no dangerous ingredients


(See MSDS in downloads tab for more information)


Information about the CLP regulations and Look Solutions fog and haze fluids: The CLP regulations for mixtures are valid from 01.06.2015 on.

Look Solutions fog and haze fluids do not contain any of the listed ingredients. Especially none of our products contain Diethylenglycol, which is of great concern.
All ingredients used in Look fluid are harmless, and there is no limited value in the air for any of them.

Look Solutions products are not classfied under the new CLP regulations

Product identificator
Material name/Product name: Fog liquid “Unique-Fluid”, “Tiny-Fluid”
Indes-Nr.: none
EG-Nr.: none
CAS-Nr.: none
REACH-Registrierungsnummer: inapplicable

Relevant identified use of the material or mixture and disadvised uses
Use: Fog- and smoke simulation Identified use: none


Physical and chemical characteristics
Physical state: liquid
Colour: clear, colourless
Odour: neutral
pH: 6-8
pH 1%: not appointed
Boiling point: from 100° C
Flashing point: not appointed
Ignition temperature: not appointed
Self-ignition: no
Oxidising attributes: no
Explosion hazard: none
Explosion range lower: –
upper: –
Density: 1,04 – 1,10 g / cm3
Solubility in water ( 20° C): arbitrary
Viscosity: low viscosity

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