WhiteBox F-2 Transceiver IP65 (2 Universe)

The W-DMX Whitebox FLEX-2 G4 Transceiver is the top-of the-line W-DMX Whitebox architectural/outdoor unit.


The W-DMX Whitebox FLEX-2 G4 has the capability to both transmit and receive DMX and RDM signals wirelessly in an outdoor environment, as well as ‘bounce’ them around corners in repeater mode (Option).

Configurable as both a two universe DMX/RDM Transmitter, a two universe DMX/RDM Receiver, and a DMX/RDM Repeater, the BlackBox FLEX-2 G4 represents flexibility and reliability, and with optional Ethernet support, it is possible to use any protocol in or out.


  • Dual Universe Outdoor DMX/RDM Transmitter/Receiver/Repeater (Option)
  • W-DMX G4 Protocol – backward compatible
  • High-Speed Frequency Hopping – 1800 times per second
  • Dual universe DMX/RDM
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