Jay Productions & Events pride themselves on delivering a high standard of work providing all technical and event requirements for corporate, outdoor and large scale events. Many of these events are looking for visual splendour without a load of tech gear on view. So when the Claypaky Axcor Spot 300 arrived on the market packed with features yet weighing just 20 Kg and measuring a little over 500 mm, Jay Productions knew they had to have some. The result was 12 Axcor Spot 300 winging their way to their Sydney warehouse. “We needed a small fixture that was punchy, would give us a good wash but be flexible enough to pretty much go on any job,” said Philip Dearle, lighting designer at Jay Productions.

“The small profile of the fixture will benefit many of our gigs.

They’re very punchy, we can place them next to our Claypaky Mythos and they don’t look out of place. They blend in well with the Claypaky family that we are building.” The Axcor Spot 300 unit incorporates features that are not often found in models of this size, like a rotating prism, a motorised iris, a soft edge filter, a 16-bit dimmer, and an 8-40° zoom.

The day after they arrived the Axcor Spot 300 went straight out to a job where they were tucked away, invisibly delivering stunning light and effect with their 17 gobos on two wheels, including seven high quality dichroic rotating gobos. “We ran them at 50% because they were just too bright for the room!” remarked Philip. “The fact that they are LED based is great as our power calculations have come down quite a bit, plus we can set them close to drapes without anything setting fire. Also we can get our own gobos easily cut for them which will be great for the wedding and corporate market.” Upon arriving at Jay Productions & Events, the Claypaky Axcor 300 Spot were immediately booked onto four more shows.

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Axcor Spot 300

The new Axcor 300 family of moving LED fixtures brings Claypaky’s no-compromise quality and performance to the broad mid-market.