Australian rock icon James Reyne is touring nationally in celebration of the 35th anniversary of his renowned song ‘Reckless’. Lighting for the Sydney & Melbourne shows was designed by Kait Hall from Let There Be Light, utilizing some of ResX’s latest & greatest gear.

When Kait contacted Resolution X, she needed to have something in the show that was completely different. “ResX are always on the forefront with new product releases so I was keen to see what new fixtures they had to play with” remarked Kait. The lighting design included the Prolights AIR5FAN as the hero of the rig, making for a spectacular backdrop to the 3 sold out shows at the Enmore Theatre Sydney & the Palais Theatre in Melbourne.

With tight 2° beams and a versatile pixel FX mode, The AIR5FAN allows designers to get a big look for a fraction of the lighting budget. “Firstly, they come in at a great price point compared to similar fixtures on the market, so I could afford to get extra fixtures which is always beneficial. Their features are not compromised though, they are just as bright and they have a fan feature which really sets them apart. Their strength is their tight beams that look completely different depending on whether you have the 5 pixels all pointed straight in a parallel beam or splayed out in a symmetrical fan.”

The AIR5FANs also support limitless pan & tilt as well as a removable mirror for an added dimension in the rig. “The colours are beautiful too and the fact you can individually control the pixels with both colour and intensity means that you can get some great effects with infinite combinations.” – Kait Hall

Kait also had the chance to test out the new Clay Paky K-EYE HCR fixtures on the shows, often referred to as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the moving wash range. “Their colour rendering is amazing because of the extra Cyan, Amber and Lime LED modules”. The K-EYE’s use HSL for algorithmic colour control, giving designers precise control to get the exact colour you want. “I think these will be really popular especially in TV and theatre where high CRI and colour temperature adjustments are so critical”.

The remainder of the lighting rig comprised of Martin MAC Quantum Profiles, MAC Auras, Nitec LED Blinders and a grandMA2 Light + wing for control.

Featured Products…


PROLIGHTS AIR5FAN is a pixel-FX moving head, able to control the spread of its pixels through the motorised lens system, passing from a sharp linear beam effect to a multi-ray effect.


K-EYE HCR is a LEDwash light which provides total control over the quality of all forms of white or coloured light.



The MAC Aura is the first compact LED moving head wash light with zoom that offers never-before-seen, eye-candy aura effects yet also functions as a highly capable single-lens wash with fully pre-mixed color.

MAC Quantum Profile

MAC Quantum Profile

This extremely bright LED profile fixture combines top-quality white light with a fast, smooth CMY color mixing system and crisp gobo projection on surfaces as well as mid-air.

MA onPC Command Wing

The MA onPC command wing paves the way for mobile use of the highly flexible and powerful grandMA2 control system. In combination with the free of charge grandMA2 onPC software, the MA onPC command wing is a portable 2,048 parameter control solution that can be used in nearly any location – and all for an affordable price! It offers two built-in DMX ports as well as the possibility to send two additional DMX universes via Ethernet protocols with grandMA2 onPC.