With their existing stock of profile moving lights continuing to regularly exceed their client’s expectations, Intense Lighting decided it was time to further diversify their inventory.

“We required stock of a new product to both increase the number of concurrent productions we can supply, and offer a smaller, lightweight moving profile to our clients,” explained Ian Garrard, Managing Director of Intense. “We decided to act when a last minute, large hire came across my desk. This combined with a continuing shortage in our mid-range stock, led us to purchase the Claypaky Axcor 400s (with framing) in an effort to free up our other stock and compete with the competition against older equipment that they can economize to a low price point.”

However the purchase was no rush decision as Ian had been considering a number of fixtures in that range from other manufactures, but the Axcor 400s were the best fit and their price was very attractive for the diversity they offer.
“The Axcor 400 has quite an impressive zoom range of 5°-43° for the size of it,” said Ian. “It’s very compact, fairly lightweight and I really like the 4 plane full swipe shutter system.”

The Claypaky Axcor 400 Profile’s light source is a 300W white LED module designed specifically for this unit. Among the exceptional features, this compact LED light offers are a framing system that works on four focal planes, an effects section with an animation wheel, a complete colour system with linear CTO, and a high precision mechanical iris.

Featured Products…

Axcor Profile 400

Axcor Profile 400

With the AXCOR PROFILE 400, Claypaky has revolutionized the medium power market, by offering a light which is able to pack all the most advanced lighting, mechanical and electronic features into an extraordinarily compact body: less than 65 cm high!

The Axcor Profile 400 comes in two models:

  • Axcor Profile 400 (CLPLED400): a 16,000 lm, 6500 K, CRI=70 model
  • Axcor Profile 400 HC (CLPLED401): a 12,000 lm, 5600 K CRI=90 model