Axcor Profile 400

With the AXCOR PROFILE 400, Claypaky has revolutionized the medium power market, by offering a light which is able to pack all the most advanced lighting, mechanical and electronic features into an extraordinarily compact body: less than 65 cm high!

The Axcor Profile 400 comes in two models:

  • Axcor Profile 400 (CLPLED400): a 16,000 lm, 6500 K, CRI=70 model
  • Axcor Profile 400 HC (CLPLED401): a 12,000 lm, 5600 K CRI=90 model


It has an extraordinarily compact body (65 cm / 25½ inches high) packed with all the most advanced lighting, mechanical and electronic features. These include a professional framing system, an animation wheel, a CMY + linear CTO system, and a high precision mechanical iris.

Its light source is a 300W white LED module designed specifically for this unit. Among the exceptional features, this compact LED light offers are a framing system that works on four focal planes, an effects section with an animation wheel, a complete colour system with linear CTO, and a high precision mechanical iris.

  • Source: 300W White LED Module
  • Versions available:
  • Ø 120mm front lens
  • 5°-43° linear Zoom
  • CMY + Linear CTO
  • One Color Wheel with 6 Colors
  • One Rotating Gobo Wheel with 7 Gobos
  • Rotating 4-facet prism
  • Animation wheel
  • Motorized framing system with 4 focal planes
  • Mechanical Iris
  • Frost filter
  • 16-bit Electronic Dimmer with 4 curves
  • Electronic strobe @25 f/sec.
  • Three different fan ventilation modes (STD – AUTO – SLN)
  • Weight: about 27 Kg (55.11 lbs)
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