Nexus Church is a contemporary place of worship located on the north side of Brisbane. The Nexus Production Team is a team of extraordinary volunteers who through technical skills serve the Church on Sundays, events and during the week for multiple ministries.

The Church is passionate about using technology to assist in the presentation of the gospel message and creating an atmosphere where people can worship and encounter God.
When the production department were looking for some new LED moving head spot lights, Brisbane Sound Group set up a shoot out of LED moving head spots in a similar price range as well as a few flagship models for comparison.

Among the lights vying for attention was the ShowPRO Pluto 350 professional LED moving head spot with a 5°- 35°electronic zoom system and it certainly impressed. In fact, it didn’t take the Church long to put in an order for twelve of these incredible fixtures!

“For an amazing feature set and bang for buck, you really can’t beat the Pluto 350,” commented Andy Rogers, Production Manager at Nexus Church. “They feature a high output LED engine (no more lamp replacements!!), CMY colour mixing, dual gobo wheels, prism, zoom and iris.

“We basically use them as a profile but they do have some nice wash capabilities. Currently we’re splitting them between the floor and the roof to get a bit of a scissor look happening and it works really well.”

A new MA Lighting dot2 XLF console also made itself at home in the front of house booth, as Andy was keen to move away from the previous software and wing solution in favour of the reliability that comes with a standalone console.

“Again, we looked at a few options but the dot2 was the clear winner,” he said. “In terms of work flow, it’s just so easy and so fast. Compared to our last control method, its chalk and cheese! There are so many little things that stack up to the dot2 being an amazing console; being able to program mostly with your right hand on an MA control surface is so much nicer than fiddling around with a mouse. The touchscreen integration is also great, having a full page of palettes on a touchscreen is very nice.”

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