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Harry the Hirer’s Lighting team are stoked to have recently added the PROLIGHTS Air5Fan to their ever increasing lighting arsenal. On paper, the Air5Fan is a moving LED linear bar light with 5 x RGBW 40 Watt chips and a tight 2° beam angle but once its fired it up offers so much more!

“The Air5Fan gives a real point of difference for our client’s events,” commented Claudia Oswald, Assistant Manager at Harry’s Productions.

With a lot of options available in the market, Harry’s opted for the Air5Fan because of all the tricks packed into the one unit. Each of the 5 LEDs can be individually controlled and the beam angle means you can fill a room with multiple coloured beams from just a few fixtures.

“It’s like you get five fixtures in the one unit,” commented Marcus Pugh, BDM at Harry’s Productions, who went on to say “we’ve had a lot of fun playing with the infinite pan and tilt along with bouncing other beams off the mirrored surface.”

Unlike other linear LED bars with all their LEDs in a line the Air5Fan is curved along the front allowing the beams to be fanned in and out. This means the unit can create a colour mixing ‘light curtain’ when rigged next to each other. The fixture can then splay out these beams to generate the tried and tested ‘fan’ effect of beams radiating from a centre point. In the past these types of effects would take many fixtures perfectly aligned and plenty of programming time to make the Air5Fan makes this easy with one unit and just a few channels.

“Of all the lights we used in our Productions Showcase earlier this year the Air5Fans were the units most clients commented on and wanted those ‘Finger Beam Lights’ on their next event,” commented Claudia Oswald.

“With so many options on board, the Air5Fan it really is the new king of eye candy,” Marcus concluded. “These guys are made to live upstage, be it as a line along a rear truss firing beams down onto stage to draw the audience’s attention to a single point or as part of a floor package fanning beams through the room. I’ve been putting these on all of my designs since we got them and I just let the programmer go to town with them, they look amazing with very little programming time required.”

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PROLIGHTS AIR5FAN is a pixel-FX moving head, able to control the spread of its pixels through the motorised lens system, passing from a sharp linear beam effect to a multi-ray effect.