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New Zealand’s Grouse Lighting Aotearoa has been lighting events both locally and nationally since 1984 and recently decided it was time to replace their moving head profile fixtures with sixteen Ayrton Eurus Profile.

Rowan McShane, Project Manager at Grouse, says they had been looking for a replacement for quite some time but there wasn’t a fixture that stood out as the definitive option …. until they saw the Ayrton Eurus!

“We then had a tour come along that specified Ayrton products and so it was a good excuse to purchase the Eurus” explained Rowan. “It’s a multi-purpose fixture with great colour mixing, framing shutters and animation.”

The aforementioned tour was Dean Lewis’ The Future is Bright with lighting design by Ben Mansfield of Tourlite Design in the UK and in New Zealand Nicholas Beachen looked after the show.
On the tour from Grouse was Josh Tucker who was thrilled to debut their Eurus at the Wellington Opera House on March 15th. Six fixtures hung from the front truss with the remaining ten over the stage on a mid and rear truss.

“The Eurus is a very sexy unit!” declared Josh. “It looks awesome, very sleek and slimline. Once you pull it out of the box, you soon realise it can do everything you think a moving light should do. Quite simply, it’s amazing.”

Josh was impressed by how light the Eurus S is saying that once it’s on the bar, one person can shuffle it around.

Part of Ayrton’s 6 Series, Eurus is its first multi-function profile luminaire launched by Ayrton under the SLIM-21 TM programme for miniaturising fixtures and reducing their weight and boasts optics specifically developed for applications requiring perfect image reproduction.

“It’s way brighter than our previous profile fixture,” he added. “I love that you can zoom it right in to use as a beam light and then zoom it out, add gobos and have incredible beams over the audience. The selection of gobos is amazing with no dud gobo like most lights. The colours are beautiful and the saturated colours for mixing CMY are incredible.”

The Eurus offers up to 18 HD glass replaceable gobos, and one wheel boasts seven indexable/rotating gobos. A sophisticated subtractive CMY colour mixing system is combined with a variable CTO and a seven-position complementary colour wheel for displaying an infinite palette of vivid pastels and saturated colours.

“It’s also silent which will be amazing for our corporate work,” commented Josh. Eurus has a highly efficient phase-change liquid cooling system using a heat pipe that includes a particularly effective ultra-silent ventilation mode, designed for stage and studio applications.

Josh observed that the original lighting design for Dean Lewis specified Ayrton Perseo but absolutely no changes had to be made to the show profile as it’s easily transferable across the Ayrton fixtures which was a great relief.

“You don’t even have to think about it, you just plug them in and off you go,” he remarked.
Grouse’s Ayrton Eurus S will soon be appearing with the New Zealand Opera’s production of Cosi Fan Tutte and lighting designer Matt Marshall is thrilled with Josh saying that he is keen for an all-in-one fixture like the Eurus.

“He was so excited saying they are the best fixture,” added Josh. “He had said to me that he loves the Ghibli or Domino, or most things Ayrton, and I asked about the Eurus and he had not heard of it. He looked it up and was stunned, saying it looked amazing and was better than anything else.”

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