Sydney’s Element ICT has grown to become one of NSW’s leading live production companies, delivering around 150 events per year on average. Consequently, they are always on the lookout for something fresh and innovative to offer their clients a point of difference.

When General Manager Chris Manton saw the ShowPRO DiamondBack in action, he knew it would meet and even exceed those requirements.

“For us, it’s a capability differentiator plus we needed more and larger gear for the bigger venues,” he added. “I’ve got to say, the price point was also quite healthy on these.”

Chris is impressed by the DiamondBack’s versatility, output and the amount of effects achievable with them.

“The movement, capability on board and just that mix of what I would call classic beam output, huge wash angle and also the LED strips make it a pretty unique feature,” he remarked. “Obviously, the tilt on them is very useful to us too.”

The DiamondBack offers a super bright RGBW pixel controllable beam with a zoomable range of 3°-56°. It’s capable of stunning strobe effects which can be generated by the CW+WW pixel controllable outer linear LEDS. Boasting a super smooth tilt range of 205° and 1100W of LED power, the DiamondBack easily cuts through the competition in creativity and output.

The photographs show the DiamondBacks on a fashion shoot held at Carriageworks. The client had requested something very specific from an eye candy perspective and that’s exactly what they got!
Element ICT has been so rapt with its DiamondBacks, it has just taken delivery of three more!

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