DiamondBack Tour Pack 3

The DiamondBack offers a super bright RGBW pixel controllable beam with a zoomable range of 3°~56°.


Capable of stunning strobe effects which can generated by the CW+WW pixel controllable outer linear LEDS. Boasting a super smooth tilt range of 205 ° and 1100W of LED power the Diamondback easily cuts through the competition in creativity and output. Tour ready in a 3 unit pack complete with flight case.

Product Features:

• 1100W RGBW+CW+WW LED to produce perfect colour blending and stunning strobe effects
• Ultra high brightness of 60000lm
• Zoom range from 3°~56°
• White colour temperature from 2700K~8000K, WW: Ra≥90
• 14 RGBW pixels + 56 individually controllable WW/CW segments for dynamic effects and visuals
• Built-in effects and macros give multi-selections of fast programming
• Selectable PWM frequency for flicker-free video with any camera
• Advanced thermal designs with multi fan modes for proper noise level at different applications
• DMX, Art-Net and RDM control


LEDDIA100 DiamondBack Datasheet.pdf    313.22 KB
LEDDIA100 Diamondback GMA Fixture Profiles.zip    112.77 KB
LEDDIA100 DiamondBack.pdf    2.96 MB
LEDIA100 DIAMONDBACK User Manual.pdf    1.26 MB
LEDIA100 DIAMONDBACK-user-manual.pdf    9.82 MB