For applications where a remote-controlled followspot system is required, the Macula system offers unprecedented performance thanks to its incredibly high-resolution fluid head and simple yet powerful software control.

“We had a sneak-peek at the Macula system when it first arrived at Show Technology and we were immediately impressed with it,” remarked Neale Mace, ei Productions’ Managing Director. “If you’re not familiar with this type of product, it allows a followspot operator to use one or more moving heads controlled remotely (backstage or almost anywhere) via what I like to call a ‘motorbike’ and screen.

“The operator ‘steers’ the moving head followspot using the motorised handle bars as controls for movement, there’s fingertip controls for colour, dimming, iris etc and the operator can see what’s going on via the screen directly in front at the spot op position from the camera mounted in the lighting rig. The LD can also jump in and control aspects like colour via the lighting desk.”

Neale further commented that one of the stand-out benefits for him was that Macula can work with any brand/type of moving head, you’re not tied down to a specific brand of moving light like similar systems. He also notes that Macula is well packaged in a roadcase and supplied ready-to-go.

“The soon-to-be-released PTZ style moving camera housing will be a real bonus for this system and eliminate the need for mounting a camera on one of the moving heads in the rig,” Neale further remarked. “I’m sure this camera and software/firmware upgrades will only make this system better and a great addition to our remote followspot inventory.”

As soon as the crew at ei Productions familiarised themselves with the system, it was sent out on tour with American singer, producer, and songwriter Caroline Polachek.

The lighting was designed by Cour Design with lighting director Max Terlecki looking after the show on tour.

The front truss features three Ayrton Eurus with Macula followspot systems used on the two outside fixtures. The first Eurus on stage right side of the truss has the camera attached and the stage left is essentially a slave.

The system performed great on this first tour outing and among the comments from the operators were that it doesn’t have as much ‘lag’ as other similar systems.

Concert Photos: Ronan Park

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