Last month, the second annual Celebration of Sport event took place at the renowned MCG, presented by MKTG Sports + Entertainment in association with SportNXT. Industry leaders gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the sporting sector in Australia and across the globe.

ResX proudly supported the event, offering guests a once-in-a-lifetime ‘team run-on’ experience and showcasing their next generation of lighting fixtures, demonstrating their versatility and potential to elevate future sporting events at the MCG and beyond. ResX also integrated LED sports lighting control throughout the stadium to enhance the game day or event experience.

The Claypaky Skylos blew the event away. This powerful laser source searchlight punctuated the sky above the MCG, also casting a mesmerising light display across the stadium grounds and empty stands.

Accompanying them was a fleet of Ayrton Domino LTs and ShowPRO Shark Hybrids, adding colour and texture to the spectacle.

With its unparalleled power and capability, the Claypaky Skylos proved to be the perfect match for Melbourne’s home of sports.

Featured Products

Shark BSW IP65 480 HID

The Shark BSW IP65 480 HID is the perfect combination of a Beam/Spot/Wash fixture, able to produce a staggering 23,000 lux from 50 metres away.

Skylos IP66

Ultra-versatile and weather-resistant with incredible light output and outstanding construction features: much more than just a classic searchlight!

Domino LT IP65

DOMINO LT is the first all-terrain LED luminaire in the « LT » (Long Throw) range designed for intensive outdoor use in long-distance applications requiring high precision.