Pulsar’s roots began back in the late 60s at the beginning of the disco revolution. Founder Paul Mardon made a break-through when he built his first Sound to Light machine in 1966 using valves and relays, which became a game-changing lighting control system for nightclubs and dance halls. He went on to study Engineering and Management at Cambridge University, and in 1970 Pulsar was born as a UK lighting forerunner, with just a handful of dedicated staff.

As a leading UK LED lighting manufacturer, Pulsar develops lighting control systems and LED lighting fixtures that light up the world, perfect for illuminating everything from the smallest spaces to towering skyscrapers. With an expert team who have stuck together since the dawn of the LED lighting revolution, Pulsar creates exciting products that can be integrated into as wide a range of design applications as possible, meaning investing in Pulsar solutions is always a logical choice.

Pulsar LED lighting solutions are used in entertainment, creative and architectural lighting projects all around the world. Understanding that each project is different, Pulsar shape their business around building to custom specifications and meeting tight deadlines, with a localised supply chain managing many processes in-house. Whether fitting skyscraper lights for a commercial bank or LED façade lighting for a theatre, your needs will always be met.

Pulsar are more than just an LED lighting manufacturer, their team is made up of experienced designers who love to assist in the product specification and lighting design phases of your project. Simply share your drawings with us and we will advise on the best solution to meet your requirement. Allow Pulsar’s UK LED lighting experts to bring your vision to life.

More information about Pulsar is available at www.pulsarlight.com.

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