People and objects in motion are tracked with high accuracy and represented in a 3D model. Based on this input, various effect devices are controlled to point, follow, and focus automatically. View our product range here.

Zactrack is an automated “Following System” designed for open-air events, theatre stages and studios. Any number of performers can be tracked and registered in a 3D computer model. Various tracking technologies are used to achieve the best performance for each location. In smaller areas we use optical systems.

Zactrack SMART is the world`s first Plug and Play automated follow system. Operating a system takes less than 15 minutes from unpacking the components to a full-blown automation for stage lighting, sound or video. Zactrack SMART uses self-measuring “mesh network technology” to accurately calculate the dimensions of the stage without using any measurement aid. Just like magic!

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Zactrack Mini Package

The latest product to the zactrack portfolio, zactrack mini is now ready for action. Your newest tracking solution now comes in a briefcase sized case for easy transport and deployment by one person! zactrack mini embraces the core zactrack values and puts this tracking solution in a smaller form factor with battery operated components and wireless connectivity for an even faster and easier setup. The user experience is at the heart of zactrack mini.

Zactrack Smart

zactrack SMART is the world’s first plug and play automated follow system. System setup takes less than 15 minutes from unpacking the system components to 3D tracking for stage lighting, sound or video effects.